DIYA : Shaping the Great Nation
India is on the threshold of a major transformation. It has all the possibilities of leading the whole world in every field. This is because India has the largest population of youth in the entire world. Youth have always played a phenomenal role whenever a nation has earned distinctions in specific fields and attained great accomplishments. 
DIYA aims at providing an idealistic vision of nation building by the youth through self development. India has led the world in ancient times through its unique culture. By adopting its basic principles in the modern context, India can definitely regain its position.

Vision : Rebuild Divine India through Educated, Healthy, Self-reliant, Courteous, Sensitive divine youth through training and workshops, and undertake constructive, nation building activities.

Mission  : To create divine India by employing the potential of youth towards rebuilding and development of the nation, and thereby transforming individual, family, and society at large.

  •  Bring idealism in the dreams of youngsters.
  •  Make youth healthy, self-reliant, educated, courteous and sensitive towards social and national issues.
  •  Reorient the thought process of Indian youth.
  •  Bring back the Golden Age - Satyug with peace and harmony in the world.
  •  Manifestation of Divinity in youth through Scientific Spirituality
DIYA for  Me
DIYA is a movement for the youth of a great nation. DIYA is based on strong tenets and principles, also set realistic and achievable goals for itself. People who are young at heart and mind, and feel strongly about the new vision for India are welcome to join DIYA irrespective of age, caste or religion. Join us to attain a life full of happiness and vigor and feel the pride of taking India to great new heights.