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The concept of Ashwamedha Yagna

The common meaning of Ashwais takenas horse and this is not incorrect in the ordinary usage. But, in the spiritual context, Ashwa means that which is fast paced. The term Ashwa has been used for the qualities like fickleness, activeness, swiftness which are also commonly found in horses. In fact, scriptures at different places, refer to Lord Indraas Ashwa, Sun God as Ashwa, sacrificial fire as Ashwa and so on.

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What is Ashwamedha Gayatri Maha yagya ?

Ashwa is the symbol of mobility, valour and strength. Medha is the symbol of supreme wisdom and intelligence. So Ashwamedha stands for the combination of valour and illumined intellect.Gayatri Ashwamedha is a grand spiritual experiment to promote happiness, peace,and prosperity of the nation. It is being performed to purify the subtle atmosphere of the whole nation. It is aimed to awaken the dormant intellectual genius of the masses. The awakened human Medha will help reform the society and the methods of its governance and would transform this earth into a heaven.

In the worldly usage the common meaning of Ashwa is taken as horse. But in the spiritual context of yagya , we will have to go into its basic explanation. Pay attention to the Sanskrit etymology of Ashwa - As + kvan. Asnute adhvnam, asnute vypnoti.meaning - one who possesses fast speed, one who penetrates the road.Or Mahano bhavati ashwa bahu tiitiashwa; (meaning one whose intake of food is large is Ashwa).

What is Medha?

The word medha is synonym of Yagna, as described earlier. Medha means laughter to but this meanings completely out-of-context in spiritual discussion. In fact religious texts call hatred, killing, barbarity etc. as “Ayagniya” (i.e.completely against the true spirit of yagna). A more contextually appropriate meaning of medha is highly evolved discretionary wisdom.

With Ashwaas the symbol of mobility  valour and strength and the ‘medha’ as the symbol of supreme wisdom and intelligence, the natural meaning of Ashwamedha is – “combination of valour and strength and illumined power of intellect”.Ashwais the symbol of muscle power and medha is the symbol of mentalstrength and their combination makes a great,sacred deed of yagna.It is the combination of illumined thinking power and dedicated self lessendeavours that may createan ideal society and nation. This is the reason,why the making of a nation has been called Ashwmedha.

The most important objectives of large scale Ashwmedha yagnasis to awaken the dormant genius of the masses. It is the genius of man which makes him different from other living beings. It is on its basis that he, as a scientist, has explored these crets of nature.It is the miracles formed by the human genius which has enabled him to propagate several theories of philosophy , topile up huge volumes of literature, to form the society and the methods of its governance and to transform this earth into suchan elegant culture and civilization. In spite of all this, that is, despite a huge potential store of genius filled within thehuman consciousness, it does not get a chance to come out and show itself due to the pressure of evil tendencies embedded insubconscious layers of our psyches. Normally,wood floatson water.But if a huge stoneis tied to it, it cannot floatand sinks in water.In spiteof being adornedwith excellent qualities, a human being doesnot remainin aposition to demonstrate hisreal identity once he ties a rock ofwickednessonhis head. The distortions in our society today are only due to eviltendenciesingrained in peoples’ mind s. To fight and eliminate these, and tosimultaneouslyworkon re-creating the golden era, is possible only bytheawakened geniuses –learned, refined andintelligent persons. At the hour ofneed, suchpersons comeforward and row the boat ofthe culture- society, safelypast thetroubledwaters. The effort that is needed to awakensuch geniuses notonly inthe society or nationbut also on a global scale cannot be done byworldlyorphysical means. The desired resultscan be accomplished only throughawell-plannedspiritual process conceptualized and executed in the subtleworld.Ashwamedha Yagnais exactlythat process of establishing a new world order.-Hindi AkhandJyoti Magazine (Nov 1992)

What is the meaning of Medha?

The word medha is synonym of yagya . Initsetymology, the word medha may be thought to be related to the following roots(in grammar) mith, mid, meth, med, etc. These mean - to meet, to combine,toknow, to love, to hold,etc. The power of wisdom, the power of muscles,theyagya , etc have been called as medha.

What is the meaning of Yagya ?

The word yagya is constituted of three syllables ya, ja, and na which refer to three processes of every act weperformviz. utpadan, uparjan and vitarana i.e. production (ya), earning (ja),distribution (na).
The word yagya comes from the root yaj, meaning 'to offer'. It impliestheoffering of all things that are pious and auspicious, which nurture andsustainlife and creation. This offering is made to the cosmic, universal,globalenergies and the shakti in order to sanctify the elements ; earth, water,fire,air and ether. The offering is made to charge the elements with nutrients,thusincreasing the healing properties of the elements.

What is true meaning of Ashwamedha Yagya ?

As Ashwa is the symbol of mobility, valourandstrength and the medha is the symbol of supreme wisdom and intelligence,thenatural meaning of Ashwamedha can be taken as the combination of the valourandstrength and illumined power of intellect. By assuming Ashwa as the symbolofmuscle power and medha as the symbol of mental power, their combinationmakes asacred and great deed of yagya . It is the combination of illuminedthinkingpower and dedicated endeavors for selfless and other-centered motivesthat maycreate an ideal society and nation. This is the reason, why the makingof anation has been called Ashwamedha .

Why we do need to perform Ashwamedha Yagya ?

In ancient times, simple yagya s used toplayan important role in inner refinement and self-purification. The maha yagyas used to be performed to purify the social life . But, when the need for complete renovation of the nation (Rashtra) and that of the environment wasfelt, there was a tradition of Ashwamedha yagya s at the universal level.Thus,the yagya s have been classified into three categories; viz, yagya , mahayagyaand Ashwamedha yagya . The magnitude of their results also increases inthesame order. one of the important objectives of such large scale Ashwamedhayagya is also to awaken the dormant genius of the masses. It is thegenius of man which makes him different from other living beings. It is on its basis thathe, as a scientist, has explored the secrets of nature and is claiming to bethe controller of the fate of all the living beings. It is themiracleperformed by the human genius Medha to form the society and the methodsof itsgovernance, and to transform this earth into such an elegant andwell-developedstructure of culture and civilization.

The effort that is needed to awakensuchgeniuses not only in the society or nation but also on a global scalecannot bedone by worldly or physical means. The desired results can beaccomplished only through a well planned religious Anusthan conceived in thespiritual world.

What are the benefits of Yagya ?

Amidst the fascinating achievements of the modern era of science and technology in improving our comfort levels, stress and pollution have posed the major challenges for our well-being. The world is beginning to realize that the comforts provided to us by modern science and technology do not necessarily always make life happier. In fact apart from stress and tension,more and more unknown diseases, untold anxiety and fear are caused by the highly polluted environment and ecological imbalances. This has raised alarm bells for rethinking and changing the life style and mode of health y management. Yagya appears tobe a god send gift of the ancient Indian sciences for achieving this purpose.Yagya is a boon of ancient indian sciences and it is a scientific to old esignedby our Rishis ancient scientists to create desired effects in physical,environment all,ecological and spiritual levels.Click here to read more aboutscience of yagya

Yagya - is a Sacrificial ritual symbolizing selfless service to all.The various material and offerings in theYagya have some medicinal/chemical attributes. These oblations coupled with the chanting of the vedic mantras spread molecular waves in the atmosphere that leadto thepurification of physical and astral environment s.
The Yagya (sacrificial fire) exercises a very positive influence on the body and psyche( mind and consciousness) of persons involved and sitting around.It leads to transformation of human towards divinity. The effect of yagyaispsycho-somatic.

How can we contribute to thislargescale yagya ?

Ashwamedha yagya is a large scale yagya which involves lot of man hours & resources.We humbly request every one to contribute either your time or resources or both generously for this noble cause.we may come from different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs yet we are all connected with each other and share this beautiful place called Earth.AsaGlobal citizen it is our responsibility to share our resources and time for the activities for world peace and harmony.It is a divine opportunity bestowed upon us in making the dawn of this bright era a visible reality by organizing and participating in the Yagya s and maha yagya s of this Mission .Let us work collectively to create a heavenly atmosphere.

According to the Atharva Veda Hymn totheEarth (Bhumi-Sukta) "We are birds of the same nest. Wearingdifferentskins, speaking different languages, believing in different dharma(religions),and belonging to different cultures yet we share the same home, ourearth. Bornon the same planet, covered by the same skies, gazing at the samestars,breathing the same air, we must learn to progress happily together ormiserablyperish together. For humans can live individually but can surviveonlycollectively.Indeed, the ancient texts seem to suggest that we all owe aresponsibilityto the environment not only for ourselves but also for the sakeof those aroundus".

If you would like to work as a volunteer ortocontribute resources or both please contact us for more information and wewillbe more than happy to welcome you to be part of this noble cause.
Lets ponder on beautiful words by Pujya Gurudev Pt Sriram Sarma Acharya
" Spirituality does not mean being engaged all the time in God ’sworship,yoga -meditation and for salvation of one’s own self. Spirituality , inthe truestsense, is virtuous development of the self and altruistic use ofone’s ownqualities, potentials and resources for the welfare of theworld".

FAQ s: What is Ashwamedha Yagya ?

Ashwamedha is all capable
This ritual is performed to awaken the hidden talent of society by stimulating the collective consciousness of the whole to humankind.
“Ashwa” means Evil Instincts “Medha” signify uprooting. Ashwamedha means a process of uprooting evils in human beings.
Ashwa symbolize for Dynamism. Medha symbolize for creative intelligence. Let usaengage society in dynamism and creative intelligence for community well-beingand progress through this spiritual discipline, each unit of society is motivated to observe penance and sacrifice for the betterment of humanity.

Ashwamedha helps I enhancing willpower of masses to get rid of bad habits,drug and alcohol addiction and also encourages to adopt good virtues, so as to become a better man in society.

Ashwamedha is a magnanimous display of harmonious, comprehensive aspect of Indian culture , through the teachings o which one can find all thesolutionsof today’s problems.

Ashwamedha is performed to unite the whole society, nations, continents and globe together so as to progress towards a bright future of whole ecosystem and the global community.

Ashwamedha signifies sacred offerings to the Sun God so as to be endowed with divine virtues of the solar consciousness.

Ashwamedha Yagya is a spiritual experiment that is being performed to disseminate the divine knowledge of Indian culture , which, certainly will be come world culture in near future.

Ashwamedha is associated with large scale Gayatri Maha yagya forthepurification of the subtle environment and restoration of ecological balance.

“Ashwa” denotes evil instincts prevailing in the society and “Medha”signifies the uprooting of these.

Ashwamedha Maha yagya is performed to awaken the hidden talents of society by stimulating the collective consciousness.

Through this spiritual discipline, the participants are motivated to imbibe the spirit of penance and sacrifice for the welfare of humanity.

Ashwamedha helps in enhancing the willpower of the participants to get ridofevil traits, addiction of drugs and alcohol, and in imbibing virtuous traitssoas to become a better person in a society.

Ashwamedha is a magnificent display of harmonious & comprehensive aspect of Indian culture , through the teachings of which one can find the solutionstotoday’s problems.

Ashwamedha anusthan , where performed, helps in bringing the crime and violencerate down in the near and distant areas.

In Ashwamedha, sacred oblations are offered to the Sun God to get the benefits of solar consciousness.
What is Yagya ?

Yagna means - best altruistic deeds or selfless actions.

What is Ashwa?

The common meaning of Ashwa is taken as horse and this is not incorrect in the ordinary usage. But, in the spiritual context, Ashwa means that which is fast paced. Scriptures refer to Lord Indra as Ashwa, Sun God as Ashwa,and sacrificial fire as Ashwa and so on.

What is medha?

The word medha is synonym of Yagna. Medha means slaughter too but thismeaningis completely out-of-context in spiritual discussion. Ashwa - the symbol of mobility, valour, fickleness, activeness, swiftness and strength (which are also commonly found in horses)

Medha - as the symbol of supreme wisdom and intelligence.

Why Ashwamedha Yagya ?
The Supreme amongst Yagya s
Prosperity for the nation
Nation itself is Ashwamedha
Nation should be united

Ashwamedha - “combination of valour and strength and illumined power of intellect”.

To awaken the kundalini of the nation to make it prosperous, peaceful and united.

To educate people about true spirituality on a scientific basis, which will bring out divinity in man through continuous self upliftment and to evolve idea l society on earth?

To get rid of animal instincts and beastly behavior.

To get rid of the subtle pollution of the environment

To get rid of intellectual slavery and be guided by pragya i.e. true wisdom.

To awaken the latent potential in man and organize them for the welfare of the society.

It brings prosperity to nation

Remove subtle pollution from Environment

Participation with faith leads to fulfillment of material and spiritual aspiration

It unites society towards progress of nation

It increases true consciousness by offering oblations to “SUN- GOD ”.

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