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👉 इन तीन का ध्यान रखिए (भाग 1)

🔷 इन तीनों को झिड़को :- निर्दयता, घमण्ड और कृतघ्नता-

🔶 ये मन के मैल हैं। इनसे बुद्धि प्राप्त करने में फंस जाती है। निर्दयी व्यक्ति अविवेकी और अदूरदर्शी होता है। वह दया और सहानुभूति का मर्म नहीं समझता।

🔷 घमण्डी हमेशा एक विशेष प्रकार के नशे में मस्त रहता है, धन, बल, बुद्धि में अपने समान किसी को नहीं समझता। कृतघ्न पुरुष दूसरों के उपकार को शीघ्र ही भूल कर अपने स्वार्थ के वशीभूत रहता है। वह केवल अपना ही लाभ देखता है। वस्तुतः उस अविवेकी का हृदय सदैव मलीन और स्वार्थ-पंक में कलुषित रहता है।

🔶 दूसरे के किए हुए उपकार को मानने तथा उसके प्रति अपनी कृतज्ञता प्रकाशित करने में हमारे आत्मिक गुण-विनम्रता, सहिष्णुता और उदारता प्रकट होते हैं।

.... क्रमशः जारी
📖 अखण्ड ज्योति फरवरी 1950 पृष्ठ 13

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A sage, a visionary and a reformer, the Acharya initiated Yug Nirman Yojna - a movement for mass transformation. He lived a disciplined life of devout austerity, visited Himalayas several times and attained spiritual eminence.

It is time that we awaken, change our attitude and expand our sensitivities to the changing times by transforming our thoughts. Thought provoking - life transforming literature has been the basis of this mission initiated for transformation of era.

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Yuva Kranti Varsh (Youth Revolution Year) 2016-17

India is regarded as the most youthful country in the world. More than sixty per cent of the population comprise of young people. It has become very essential to awaken such a massive potential (energy) and channelling it in right direction. The progress made by science and technology has hugely accelerated the pace of the world. It wouldn’t be possible to keep pace with the rapid progress without bringing together both the mature experience and the youthful energy.

The youths who are simply living an everyday ordinary life and earning livelihood only for them too cannot be regarded as being in a satisfactory situation. Every youth has many more times energy within them than that needed to earn their daily livelihood. Earning daily living needs a very small proportion of energy they have. The rest of their energy would either lie dormant or get wasted on fulfilling petty interests.

The youths need to be made aware about their great human potentials as well as their moral obligations. Their enthusiasm and competences need to be boosted. Besides, they need to be endowed with an outlook that can help them walk on the path of human ideals. This is the very foundation that will help India to develop in keeping with its great heritage and can help the world with India’s boundless boons. With this glorious aim, All World Gayatri Pariwar has continue to celebrate 2017 as Yuva Kranti Varsh i.e. Youth Revolution Year.


Features: Yuva Kranti Varsh

  • The basic guideline: Accomplishing the goal of making of Nation through making of character.
  • Upasana, Sadhana, Aradhana (USA) will refine youth’s thinking, character and conduct.
  • Organizational consolidation: formation and reorganization of youth/cultural groups.
  • Contribution of time by Pravasi Yuva.
  • Special programmes will be organized for rural youths.Action plans for awakening rural and urban areas.
  • Formation of groups working for seven mega movements.
  • Youth Expo will be organised in all cities.
  • Special programmes for schools, colleges, universities and institutions.
  • Mobile video Rath on Youth revolution will operate all over the country.
  • The year will be concluded with a mammoth national and international programme.
  • Contribution of time and resources by individuals will provide time and material resources.

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