Shantikunj has been developed as a spiritual sanatorium where practical guidance is given to make one’s body, mind and inner-self healthy and elevated. For upliftment of the moral,cultural,spiritual and ethical values, national integration and development of youth's,various trainings are organized regularly.

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shivir Call: 01334-260602 Ext: 187 or 188
Mob: 09258360655 / 9258369749

Shivir Name Duration Scheduled Date About Apply
Nine days Sanjeevani Vidya 9 Days 1st, 11th, 21st on every month Spiritual training session, practical guidance & Gayatri Anushthan Sadhana
Yug Shilpi - One Month Course 1 Month 1st on every month Art of serving & art of leading course
Swadhyaya Sandoh - Scientific Spirituality 5 Days Special on Aug'2015 Spiritual Discussion on the books related to Scientific Spirituality
Music/Sangeet Satra - Three Months 3 Months January, April, July, October leaning music instruments ----
Parivrajak Satra - One Month Course 1 Month 1st on every month Temple management course for dissemination of the message of Indian culture. ----
Life Management (जीवन प्रबन्धन सत्र) 5 Days Aug-Sep-Oct Journey inside.
Women Empowerment (नारी जागरण सत्र) 5 Days Aug-Sep-Oct Training session for women.
बाल संस्कारशाला प्रशिक्षक प्रशिक्षण सत्र 5 Days Aug-Sep-Oct Teachers training program on parenting and running Bal Sanskar Shala center.
Youth Awakening Camp ( युवा चेतना जागरण सत्र ) 5 Days Aug-Sep-Oct Training program for Youth
Accommodation and Food: Rule & Regulation:
Accommodation provided on sharing basis and
Bhojan-Prasad (food) is served in Bhojnalaya.
Both of them available for everyone without any cost.
Need to wear Indian Dress like Dhoti & Sarees during yagya.
Follow the routine of Shantikunj. View more..
Shivir Running at Dsvv

Shivir Name Duration Scheduled Date Contact
Swavlambi Gram Vikas 45 Days 09258360526
Nine days Orientation of Swavlambi Gram Vikas 9 Days 09258360526
Gaushala Management 15 Days 09258360526
Handloom Technology 3 Month 09258360526
Woolen & Cotton Spinning 1 Month 09258360526
Woolen & Cotton Cloth Weaving 1 Month 09258360526
Carpet & Dari Weaving 1 Month 09258360526
Hand made paper products. 2 Month 09258360526
Handmade paper production 1 Month 09258360526
Paper Conversion Production Training 1 Month 09258360526
Jute Product making. 15 Days 09258360526