Personality Development

Innovative research in deep-psychology towards the late 20th Century has revealed some new facts that affirm some of the principles and values of spirituality .The nature of one’s thinking and emotions is now regarded as the basis of his personality development .

Our thinking affects our mental, intellectual and also the physical makeup. Psychosomatic disorders are well known manifestations of sickness, infirmities or deprivation in one’s thinking. Refinement and creative orientation of thoughts on the contrary is found to bring positive changes at the emotional and behavioral levels and thus also improve one’s ability of progressive social adjustment. 

The first and most important task for personality development is to first identify and focus attention on the central root that directly or indirectly governs the course of our lives. Think and ponder over what really makes one what one is as a person? It is the force of intrinsic tendencies of the mind . The hidden desires activated by these tendencies drive the mind and generate the corresponding currents of thoughts and trigger the brain for matching actions. Although the conscious mind appears to be our decision maker and manager with the brain being its counterpart at the level of the physical body, the real ruler is our unconscious mind . The intrinsic impressions on it are so intense that these block even the voice of the soul . So, for self- refinement and self-transformation , it is essential that we first purify our inner self – especially the unconscious mind , reign in its passions and control its wayward tendencies that dominate our desires, thoughts and actions. Transformation of the central root will transform our life in no time.