Change of the Era means altering the trends of the times,  transforming the culture, environment and way of life. This  seemingly impossible looking task can be accomplished only  if the majority of the global human society is transformed.  Individuals constitute the families; families constitute  societies, ensemble of which is the global human  community. Thus the world would usher in a bright new era  if each one of us resolves and transforms accordingly. 

The  world is what we perceive it as by and large it is a reflection  of our own outlook. Inculcation of righteous outlook in the light of universal values of humanity by every thoughtful  person could therefore be the driving force to trigger and  propagate the gigantic wave of epochal change. Only an  angelic seer like him could envisage the future, and plan and  propagate such absolute as well as practical approach for the  present. Not only that, he also created necessary sublime  ambience for it through his decades of dedicated spiritual endeavours.

Many people would regard “Yug Nirman” – creation of a  new era; “Yug Parivartan” – change of an era, as rhetoric  slogans or superficial claims. In the present times of  ecosystem degradation, economic crises, corruption,  separatism, terrorism, and all-round decline, how could one  claim to change not only a society, but an 'era' itself? So the  pledge of “Yug Nirman” might sound like a 'utopia' to most  readers. However, those who know that the immense willpower, unperturbed determination, tremendous courage of the great Rishi behind this is of the level of “Ekoham Bahusyami” and  “Dharma Sansthanpanarthaya, Sambhavami Yuge, Yuge”, would see the real substance in it.

It is the resolution of a saint, reformer, pre-eminent thinker.  What several thinkers and scientists of global repute are  predicting today regarding the possibilities of bright future  for mankind also emanates from the same key idea that he  announced half a century ago – creation of an (bright) era by  (refined) holistic development of individuals.

Revered Gurudev further wrote – “The avatar (divine  incarnation) for change of the era would first manifest in the  form of inner will. This Yug Nirman Satsankalp is a seed form  of this avatar”. This is a statement emanating from the pure  wisdom of a great saint, whose heart pulsated to eliminate  agonies and adversities from this world and who  relentlessly strived to create a positive ambience of holistic progress. He dedicated every moment of his life for this noble cause. As the precious glow of gold shines after rigours processing in fire, his mission also gloriously stood all tests  of time and left no doubt that the protocol of Yug Nirman is an  expression of the divine resolution of the Nishkalank Pragyavatar

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