Gayatri Sadhana

Gayatri Sadhana bestows extra-ordinary benefits on the devotees. Many people have performed Gayatri Sadhana under Shantikunj's guidance and achieved material and spiritual benefits through this Sadhana. The reason is that they get true discriminative wisdom as a divine gift in the light of which all infirmities, complications and difficulties, which make people unhappy, worried and miserable, are solved. 

The Sadhana of Gayatri is worship of supreme Knowledge. It is our firm belief that those who worship Gayatri will never be lacking in spiritual enlightenment and worldly happiness.

Gayatri Upasana can be performed mentally at any time in any circumstance. It is doubtlessly beneficial in every condition. Nevertheless, performing it regularly and religiously has greater significance and spiritual impact.After daily routine and taking bath one should sit, with a calm and quiet mind, at a fixed place and... See More

The scriptures prescribe that Gayatri should be worshipped thrice daily during Trikal Sandhaya  in the morning, at noon and in the evening. It is all the more beneficial if Jap, worship, meditation and contemplation of Gayatri is done even more intensively. But for specific purposes, when more energy is required... See More

Women have equal right with men to perform all Sadhanas relating to Gayatri described in this book. It has, however, been observed that housewives who are ever much busy in house-hold chores, who have small children to look after and are unable to maintain cleanliness cannot... See More

God does not discriminate between a son and a daughter. Only persons of crude mentality do so. Women should refuse to listen to the biased views of any person who says that women have no right to do Gayatri Sadhana. They can worship it and also perform Yagya. Keeping in... See More

There are six gates on the way leading to the origin of Kundalini power. Or, it may be said that this path is locked by six locks. Human soul can reach the inner energy centers by opening these gates or locks. These six obstructions are called Shat-Chakras in spiritual language.These... See More

Importance of Steadiness and concentration of mind in Sadhana.A Sadhak should remove all disturbing thoughts from his mind and perform Sadhana with an unperturbed and quiet mind. He should have firm faith, confidence, devotion and reverence. It can hardly be termed Sadhana if the mouth utters the Mantra, the hand... See More

There are several organs (energy centers ) in the human body. These extra-ordinary organs are vulnerable and delicate, as they are vital    centers of dormant spiritual energies. If they are awakened, a person can be transformed. He can be flooded with such marvellous divine energies that people will stand amazed... See More

Some extracts from the ancient scriptures are being given here about advantages and importance of Gayatri Sadhana.One can get a glimpse of the advantages which accrue as a result of Gayatri Jap from the following spiritual quotations. It has specifically been enjoined to be essential for brahmans whose main preoccupation... See More

Human brain is an extremely wonderful cosmic computer. The activity, movement and potentiality of each of its cells leaves even the greatest of scientists awe-struck. Great energy is generated in the direction in which these cells are applied. All the physical energy of a person is diverted in the direction... See More

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