Meeting with Rishis

Different Rishis had undertaken different assignments in the ancient times and had accomplished them satisfactorily. They had sufficient leisure and opportunities to do so. But in these days of emergency several things are to be done simultaneously with great speed. If a house is on fire, the work of rescuing children and valuable goods has to be done at the same time. I am facing a similar situation and different tasks which different Rishis  had entrusted to me were to be accomplished simultaneously. I have received inspiration, guidance and help from my great Gurudev and I have done

whatever  I was required to do with utmost willingness. The ancient story of Shri Krishna acting as charioteer and Arjun handling the Gandiva bow seems to have been repeated in my case.

A momentous task like transforming of an epoch is accomplished by the will, plan and power of God but the credit for it is given to liberated Risikalpa souls. This alone is the best reward for their sadhana, their competence. I also got the opportunity of getting this credit and I feel blessed and fulfilled. As I am able to clearly foresee even at this moment the events that are to happen in the distant future, I have no hesitation in making this statement.

None of the ancient Risis have their physical bodies now although their individual consciousnesses still persist in appropriate planes of manifestation. I was introduced to all of them and was asked to follow in their foot-prints, establish an Ashram at  Shantikunj, Haridwar as a symbol of Devatma Himalaya and execute the programme of revival of Risi traditions in such a way that the transition to the new era may be as smooth as possible.

Ref :- My Life — Its Legacy and Message -90.