Rishi Tradition Activities

As soon as attributes of a brahmana awaken in the inner-self of an individual, saintliness is effortlessly expressed in his actions. A brahmana means a person who possesses the moral strength to overcome allurements and greed. He resists temptations and is happily contented in leading the life of an average citizen. I received guidance from Gurudev in the early days of my life how to cultivate these attributes of a brahmana. Thus, I was truly reborn as a brahmana; my physical birth from brahmana parents was of no significance. I might have assumed and shed human bodies carrying an animal-like soul during many lives in the past. I have no recollection how many times during this immortal and eternal journey, I had led sinful, animal-like lives, heavy-laden with sin and consequent suffering. But I feel blessed and blissful with the achievements of this life, which can be truly called of a brahmana. It is in this very birth that I have had the rare opportunity and joy of transforming myself into a divinised man in an animal body. A brahmana has a huge fund of surplus energy at his disposal, as he spends only a small fraction of it to satisfy his personal and family needs. Elephants, camels, buffaloes, have big stomachs. One can understand why they spend so much time in filling up their stomachs. A man with two dexterous and skillful hands, a mind capable of finding out thousand ways and means to earn necessary resources and cooperation of family and friends, should be able to earn his livelihood easily. Man has a very small stomach. Even peacocks, pigeons earn enough to meet their daily needs. There is thus no problem, as such, for man to earn his livelihood. It can be done within a few hours, leaving many spare hours for altruistic efforts. Persons in whom saintliness awakens think only as to how best and where to utilize their spare time, labor, resources and talents.

It does not need much time to find a reply to this question. The lives of illumined personalities provide us the demonstrations in this respect. One is free to accept any of these divinised personages as his role model. Only demons have unrestrained and insatiable cravings and desires. It is they who plan to amass unlimited wealth and resources and to enjoy them without restraint; but none, right from Hiranayaksha to Sikandar, was able to fulfil such a desire.

Divine man, Dev-manav, emerges at the meeting point between the soul and God. He has several other names like a great man, a saint, a reformer, a martyr etc. In ancient days such persons were known as Risis whose needs were the minimum and who applied the savings of their resources, money etc. in tasks which were essential to fulfil the needs of the Time Spirit. They helped in enhancing righteous tendencies. They did not allow the evil designs of those who were bent upon causing destruction to succeed. Risis mobilized all their efforts directly or indirectly in this direction. They did immense work by moving ahead in positive pursuits step by step and by accumulating a reservoir of excellence, drop by drop.

I fail to appreciate that devotion (bhakti) in which there is emotional effervescence, without any moral restraint. I found the Risi path of life worth emulation and tried to mobilize all my time and resources in the revival of these traditions. Those engaged in constant single-pointed effort are able to amass huge wealth through small earnings over a time. A bird collects straws one by one and prepares a beautiful nest. It was my good fortune that I got an opportunity to revive Risi traditions and it has shown good results.

My Life — Its Legacy and Message - 89