Physical Parameters

No significant changes were found in the physical parameters – weight, respiration rate and pulse rate in general. This indicates the consistency of the general health of the subjects.  About 30% of the subgroups in the age groups above 25 years showed a decrease of the order of 0.6 to 1.3 per minute in the respiration rate with p-values in the range 90% to 96%.  This may be an indication of deeper breathing patterns resulting from the practice of pranayam during the sadhana course.

Body weight of 44% male sadhaks and 32 % female sadhaks shifted towards normal in the range of 0 - 4.5 kg (increase towards normal) and 0 - 3.5 kg (decrease towards normal)

Blood Pressure :

The data sets of males in different age groups and females in different age groups were subdivided into three categories of High, Normal and Low BP based on the pre-sadhana observations. B.P. of 31% male & 29% female disordered BP shifted towards normal in the range of  0-17mm.

* The Normal Group showed no change in B.P. interval.
* On an average, the high Diastolic B.P. had reduced from 94.3 to 84.4 and high Systolic BP from 137.8 to 128.9
* The low BP groups showed an average rise from the blood pressure level 63.6 to 69.2 in Diastolic and 100.1 to 108.5 in Systolic.
All these results are statistically significant with p-values around 97% to 100% for the age groups below 65 years. For the elders, this confidence interval is found to be  (78%, 99%).
Changes in Diastolic (mm)

Changes in Systolic (mm)