Psychometric Features

• The measure of Muller Index  (M.I.) of reduction in Illusions had also shown a rise on an average. This was 0.614 cm with p-value 93%.
Change in M. I. of reduced Illusion (cm)
• No conclusive results were obtained for mistakes in mirror tracing (MTR). This had increased in some subgroups and reduced in others but the probabilities of either effects were about 25% to 60% only.
• Memory was found to have increased more in younger age-groups in general as compared to the older (> 45 years) ones. On an average this improvement was about 1 per 10 words with p-value 97%.
 Change in Memory (per ten words)
• STD mistakes had decreased by 26 per 100 sec on an average. This average is true with confidence level 91%.

 Change in Std. Mistakes (per 100 sec)
• The audio response time (ART) is found to reduce by 0.56 sec on an average with confidence level 94%.

Changes in Audio Response Time (ART) in Seconds• A decrease was also recorded in the visual response/reaction time (VRT).  The average value of this reduction was 0.25 sec with confidence level 93.2%

Changes in Visual Response Time (VRT) in Seconds