Pulmonary Lung Functions

• Average increase of the order of 10.7% (PRED) was found in FEV1 with
 average p-value 91%.
Change in FEV1 (%PRED)

• Average increase in MVV (PRED) was also 10% with p-value 94%.

Change in MVV (%PRED)
• PEFR showed average increase 8.12% (PRED) with p-value 92.1%.

Change in PEFR (%PRED)

• FVC (PRED) was found to have increased by 5.8% with confidence level 90% on an average.
Change in FVC (%PRED)

• Tidal volume of an average sadhaka (subject) was found to have increased by an amount 49.2 ml with p-value 87.43%

• Vital Capacity of experimental subjects had significantly increased on an average by 243.3 ml.  The p-value of this statistical result is about 91%.
• On an average the increase in the ratio FEV1/FVC (actual) was around 0.053 with confidence level 92%.

FEV1/FVC (Actual)